Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

A leader of Leisure furniture industry in China is supported by a corporate culture. We fully understand that her corporate culture can only be formed through Impact, Infiltration and Integration. The development of our company has been supported by her core values over the past years -------Customer Focus, Team Cooperation, Keep Learning, Take responsibility.

Customer Focus

Our company always satisfy the demands of our customers around the world. Keep the quality of products and win the reputation from customers. Treat our customers by heart, not the skills. With the standard quality system, and flexible way, to provide the one-stop solution service of leisure furniture.


Team Cooperation

Team cooperation is the source of development. We strive to build a cooperate group.
Work together to create a win-win situation is regarded as a very important goal for the development of corporate. By effectively carrying out integrity cooperation, our company has managed to achieve integration of resources, mutual complementary.
Let professional people give full play to their specialty.

Keep Learning

Learning is a key to success, and this is the basic rule of competition for survival. We continue to break through the ceiling of their own ability to create a truly desirable results, cultivate a new, prospective and open way of thinking, to achieve a common vision, and constantly learning how to learn together. To study and work in a systematic and continuous combination, and support the development of individual.


Take Responsibility

Responsibility enables one to have perseverance.
Our group has a strong sense of responsibility and mission for clients and society.
The power of such responsibility cannot be seen, but can be felt.
It has always been the driving force for the development of our group.